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          Like a lover’s lowest stumble
            Into the belly of the vulture
          Or the way he gently whispers
                                       Your name.

       When he traces your small collarbone
 With soft lips made of sun-touched stone
              Or the pad of his finger against your
                                              Burning tongue
                         Nothing could ever feel the same.



How salmon pelicans flap so slowly

In the sky

It looks as though they are falling


How thunder sounds like mountains cracking

Clean through

As though cleaved by an axe


How a butterfly in a jar beats itself to death

Against glass

With its the will to survive


How the ocean chews away at a beach

In a storm

Trying to swallow it whole


This is how I felt the day you kissed me

That first time

Whilst continents collided and stars fell

You Are Internal Bleeding…


You are internal bleeding
Beautiful as a bruise
Clouding the important pieces
While I cough up blood.

You are the heart attack
Without a fall, silent and speechless
My eyes glaze over before I can cry
While you grasp my chest tight.

You are a cancer
Traveling through my spine
Immobilizing me as I grab for the moon
Anchoring these trembling hopes
Onto a bed of memories.

You are the train
Not slowing fast enough
Either hit the brakes and snap my neck
Or let us all crash into oblivion
And take the fall by my side. 

I Die In Dreams


I have made space for you

Inside me

The exact size and image of your soul

And psyche

I have lined it with love

To seal the cracks

That could change the shape

Of you


If ever we find each other

As mortals

Your form will fit in my spaces

And mine in yours

If we don’t

I will meet you on the other side

In dreams


"Surrealist Kiss"      source: Peopleofplatt

"Surrealist Kiss"      source: Peopleofplatt

violent through my poetry: astrophysics


you and i will dance
as a pair of black holes
waltzing, spiraling, celtic clovering
to the tune of empty gravity
as tea lights floating with
rose petals in a bathtub
monochrome and slick, full of oil
ready to tip and burst

watch me as i stargaze tango
tiptoe around your event horizon


Artistic Free Fall: A proposal in white


In the melting light of warm evenings glow

thoughts rekindle and glow hot and white.

Mystic notions of nine white tulips arranged

in line, with two rings tied to the stems of

the the flowers at rest, dusted with white

frost and cast with a spell sprinkled over

the soft serrated edges of the…

Poet: I Have Kept You Now


My darling dear one I have kept
You now for a lifetime in this
Constant chamber of mine
Life and death you breathe through
Me everyday

I have watched you walk the
Shores of your lifetime gathering
Meaningful remnants to cast
Mysterious mutterings left

There is no meaning I hear…

Ramaatis: 'Neath The Black Moon


When moon has gone slumbering

With her beloved sun,

Always, we are ghostly summoned

By cosmic sirens swimming in deep silence

Of the cosmic black sea, Tugging at our souls…

Beckoning us, to return home…

So here we are my love…

Twin flames of the same sun,

Resting supine on vernal…

Lunar Passion 

Lunar Passion 

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